Speaker Date Topic
Quiz Night May 19, 2021
George Smythe
Amanda WilsonDorset May 25, 2021
Setting up Mint Trust for local families with Neurodiverse ( Special Needs )children and Adults

May bring Charlotte Jackson who pulls the whole programme together involving work opprtunities and entertainment throughout the week for MINT Members

Family members may come for the initial social hour to socialise with the members then will leave prior to dinner(Order two extra platters of nibbles



Andrew Gray Jun 01, 2021
Business Development MgR Child Cancer NZ

Was booked for 20th April Postponed until 1st June 

Winter Feed Competition Jun 11, 2021
Sam Law Quin Parry Jun 15, 2021
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees
Hamish Acland Jun 22, 2021
The journey of Mons Royale in Wanaka