Members of the Rotary Rally with club members. PHOTO: Pip O’Regan Wanaka App.
A group of Rotarians from India visited our club on Friday 28 February with a welcome at the Districts Club in Wanaka. On hand to greet the group were President Deb and District Governor Tania Lowrey along with club members.
The 32 strong group was made up of members from ten rotary clubs across India with club flags exchanged at the meet and greet.
The purpose of the rally was to promote four ideas and objectives of Rotary; ending polio, global warming awareness, international friendship & world peace.
The group appeared on TVNZ breakfast with a spokesperson outlining their objectives as well as commenting on the wonderful time the group was having in New Zealand. “You have a lovely country, we are very happy”.
“It was wonderful to meet the rally members in Wanaka,” said President Deb. “Spreading the Rotary message of service to others and touching on themes like end polio and international friendship strike a cord with us”.
District Governor Tania made a special trip to Wanaka to meet the group. “It’s been really nice to be dealing with them and watching their progress across the country. Their purpose in promoting Rotary across the country and their willingness to put themselves out there for interviews has been great”. 
Group members shared their experiences with members of the Rotary Club of Wanaka before making their way to Queenstown on Saturday 29 February, the last stop on the Rally.