Upper Clutha Rugby Club Rooms, Wanaka Showground

New Zealand

The  Upper Clutha Winter Feed Competition is being organised  for farmers in the Upper Clutha area as a feed competition. The participating farmers will be putting forward their crops for assessment in advance of the event, and will attend for results of judging at the Wanaka Rugby Club rooms on June 11th. The farming businesses and local Wanaka business in the region are sponsoring prizes and auction items, and Tarras school are organising the catering. The proceeds will be donated to the rescue helicopter service.

Rotarians will be wanted for the day for preparation and at the event, more details to come. Attendees will be farmers, representatatives of agricultural supply sponsors and participating volunteers at this stage. Numbers are still to be finally determined to see if more attendees can be invited - entry fees will apply if so to cover costs.