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459 Riverbank Road
New Zealand

Christmas Party - TICKETS NOW ON SALE

With the Christmas party now only 10 days away, preparations are well underway, we now just need to confim numbers

7pm start - Live music thanks to Robert Glenn and a whole lamb will be resting thanks to the time spent in Tom Perkin's fantastic South American 'BBQ'

Dinner - Assigned tasks to organise the pot luck, please bring your bucket and shovels, drinks and vessels and perhaps a seat into which recline when not up on the dance floor.

Due to a lack of theme presented.  I have kept things very simple; dress in a character of your choosing.  Be it Christmas, cartoon or from the cinema or perhaps a covid inspired concubine.  This party is for your benefit so make of it what you will.

For those that already have a ticket and have paid thank you

For those that have not please acknowledge your intended attendence and deposit $30 per person intot he Rotary Trust account. 031739-0149617-000

Once numbers are confrimed we can confirm jobs which will be around the following:

- Marquee erection

- Decorating

- Nibbles and / or a salad

- Marquee dismantaling

- Clean up