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Latin Link Adventure Ltd
Presidents Report  October 18th, 2021
Well, what a shame we have had to postpone our Duck Race and after all the hard work from Geoff & his team, very disappointing.
But on a brighter note we have a great night planned for tomorrow night (Tuesday 19th Oct). A very social bowls night at The Wanaka Bowling Club. $25.00pp and a cash bar, perfect.
Next Tuesday the 26th we will have some info/update on the combining of Districts 9970 & 9980 into 9999. This will involve a short presentation and Q&A.
Hope this finds you all well and enjoying our Spring weather.
A Request from the Upper Clutha Youth Council
Hi there, I am emailing you today on behalf of the Upper Clutha Youth Council. We are a youth group based in Wanaka that do activities and represent the youth. Volunteering is a huge part of who we are as a group and we are a part of the Matariki festival, A&P show, colour run and much more. Every year we host an event called the Youth Volunteer Awards where the youth of Wanaka are nominated and we give them prizes. It's the communities way to say thank you for all that they had done over the year. We were hoping that you may have some volunteers between the ages of 11-18 that you would like to nominate for this ceremony. If you do I have a nomination form that I would happily send through to you guys. Have a good day.
 Danielle Carney Chair Woman of the Upper Clutha Youth Council
Fundraising Director Geoff with the latest information on the Annual Duck Race
Many thanks to all Rotarians (and your partners) who have assisted in sorting the little ducks, and then selling the Duck Race tickets, and to those who have helped distribute and sell the Corporate Ducks.

The ticket sales for the first two weeks went reasonably well, this latest weekend has been a bit more difficult due to both the weather and
the fact that we have had to postpone the race. The lack of Auckland grand children in town during the holidays probably hasn't helped either.

The Corporate Ducks have largely all been sold or verbally recommitted to by their previous owners. I am delighted with the Corporate response and I hope this eventuates as real entries /donations, as it has been obvious that parts of the business community have suffered hard during the last year.

Seven companies have given back ducks and/or ceased to trade and just a few others have declined to enter. We have luckily picked up some new companies to replace these, and some generous supporters have openly admitted that times are hard but the Rotary work in the community is well worth a donation - great to have such a reputation !

The Best Dressed Duck competition is still going ahead on Friday afternoon (22nd October) at Harcourts, with winners announced at 5:00
pm. Try and drop by to look at the entries - well worthwhile and great fun.

We will let everyone know how and when the actual race will take place as soon as it is decided or Covid alert levels permit.

Geoff Tomkins
Guest Speaker Mathew Abraham - Thinking Outside The Square
At our last meeting on October 4th, Mathew ran through his current course on "thinking outside the square"  and the background to Left Brain-Right Brain thinking. 
Mathew also threw in three exercises to test fellow Rotarians on their ability to solve them.  Was it coincidence that our women Rotarians were the ones to solve these? 
Thank you Mathew for reminding us in these days of rules, regulations and group conformity, the ability to think laterally and challenge these boundaries will be what does take our civilization forward.
Speaker for October 26th - Fran Tate
Kindly arranged by Rosie and Fran. The teaser is below.
Patagonia Walk About 2020 with Latin Link Adventure

March 2020, prior to New Zealand’s Covid -19 Lockdown, I was travelling in Patagonia with 9 Clients
and we were 10 days into our tour when I received the URGENT message that I had to evacuate
Patagonia / Chile , IMMEDIATELY. – I was 800kms from Santiago Airport and the flight was the next
day in the evening.
I have never MOVED so fast!
I look forward to telling you about what transpired!
A Reminder from Past President  Mike
As the Duck race has been postponed to sometime in the future, Labour weekend need not be lost!
Come and help to cut, split, cart, and clean-up the trees we have been very kindly given by Matt Laming.
Saturday 23rd October, 9am at the old Berry Farm in Orchard Road, and plenty of parking.
There are a lot of trees available, but a good day, with the threat of a BBQ lunch and a beer afterwards should be enough to entice you - and any friends - to come and help to get this wood put away to dry for next winter.
If you have a ute or trailer, and a chain saw, or even just a pair of gloves and some willingness, please bring them too. The storage is over the road from the trees so only two minutes away.
Let's have a good, fun Rotary day, and do some good.
Let me know if you can be there - I can only eat so many sausages, so it would be better if the rest of the club is there to eat their share too!! And bring friends and potential members and let them see what we are about and how we have fun.
Saturday 23rd October, 9am at the old Berry Farm in Orchard Road.
Many thanks in anticipation.
A further note from Mike
Proposed exchange with the Eastern Hutt Rotary Club
Due to the continuing problem presented by Covid, the proposed Exchange with Eastern Hutt Rotary Club has had to be postponed.
We will look at the possibility of this Exchange sometime after New Year and come back to The Rotary Club of Wanaka members to organise billets at that point.
Many thanks who put their hands up previously to provide accommodation for the Exchangees, and we hope we may count on your generosity when the trip is reorganised.

Any queries to Pat Heffernan 021569890 or myself 0274329243.
Community Projects Director John, on upcoming events


Tuesday 26 October 3pm to 5.30pm . Meet at Pembroke Pavilion ( Upper Clutha Rugby Clubrooms ) . To be followed by drinks / tucker / fellowship at the Speights Alehouse . A sign up list has bee circulated so please complete this if you wish to participate . Friends / family welcome .

Thanks and kind regards
Tony Johnston on the cold side of Mitre 10 MEGA selling Duck Race Tickets
 Coast Guard Quiz Night
Following the promo for the Coast Guard quiz night in the last bulletin, a group of women Rotarians threw together a team and showed up last Wednesday night at the B Social bar to  have fun.   They discovered a wide range of shared knowledge around the table, and while they did not win, they were certainly in the main bunch at the finishing line.  A better knowledge of sport would have been useful !!!!!!
Thanks to Sally Angus for the update 
Tititea Weekend
The weekend of Oct 9-10 saw a small group of club members and friends make the pilgrimage up to the Homestead at Tititea to help get it ready for the summer season.  The weather was coolish on the Saturday morning but soon cleared up to offer beautiful conditions for exterior painting, tree felling, chain sawing, gardening, lawn mowing and water blasting.  There was some amazing food prepared and consumed throughout the weekend (thank you Chris), a little wine and whisky enjoyed and excellent company shared.  The workers returned to Wanaka very happy with their achievements and feeling more than a little privileged to have spent time in such stunning surroundings.  
Thanks To Sally Angus for the photos as proof that some work did occur in between eating.
From President Rich. Support for Fiordland Discovery
This is an opportunity for the club to support Fiordland Discovery as they supported us by offering two free trips which raised money for The Rotary Foundation Quiz Night.
The first was for 2 nights out of Milford Sound which Tony and Pip O’Regan were the successful bidders and they really enjoyed it.
The second was for 2 night out of Doubtful Sound which was won by Eion Willis and his wife and they were blown away with the trip and what it offered.
If anyone had the 6 day trips on their bucket list with some time for fishing etc this would be the time to do them at discounted rates.
If anyone is interested they are having a get together between 5pm and 7pm on the 19th October at Lipsky and Sons for anyone interested. Or seeking more information.
I have been invited and am sure I can arrange to include others if you want to come along call me Deans 0272793370 or email
If you are a single there could be others that may want to team up with you “obviously of the same sex and in single bunks”
I haven’t been solicited to do this but feel obliged due to their generosity in giving to Rotary and our club.
From Secretary Alan 
A message from Jose Cranfield at WAI Wanaka:
We are currently seeking local accommodation in Wanaka for our Summer Interns at WAI Wanaka. We are hoping to host at least two university students for just under 12 weeks over the summer; mid Nov- mid Feb (excluding 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays).
The first intern will be coming via the Puhoro STEM Academy - an organisation set up to support Maori students, from high school right through university, to continue with STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) subjects.
This intern will be monitoring populations of Tuna (eels) in lake Wanaka using eDNA sampling.
I'm reaching out in the hope that there may be a Rotarian, or friend of Rotary, that would consider hosting / billeting our intern over the summer while they work for WAI.
And when the time comes, another way a Rotarian, with a boat, could assist is by taking them out and helping them find suitable sampling locations to investigate..
The Puhoro intern will most likely be coming from the North Island and it will most likely be their first time staying away from Whanau. They will be first or second year university students, so capable of looking after themselves but we would like to help provide them with some meals and a supportive home environment whilst they are visitors to Wanaka.
Thanks for considering helping.
Kind regards.
Jose Cranfield, Education and Outreach Coordinator, WAI Wanaka, 185 Riverbank Road, Wanaka. M: 021 034 4419
"WAI" stands for Water Action Initiative; we’re a community group set up to safeguard and improve the quality of the water in and around the broader Upper Clutha catchment.
A Reminder from Chris  on Melbourne Cup Afternoon at Club Wyndham
ROTARY face masks
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