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Fran Tate - President 2017-18, spotted at Bryan Adams concert Matakana, day after New Year,  yeh!
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Tuesday 16 January 2018  - President Fran's New Year Message:
I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous weather. I spent 10 days in the far north, after a hectic Christmas break with family, catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for a while and taking in the sea air!  I experienced the weather bomb which hit the north and was pleased to return to the stunning Wanaka weather. 
In Brief:
The Summer Book sale went well and the MAC students who helped organise the 2 sales, were exemplary. Needless to say, the team of Rotarians who transported the books to the venue and then back to the container were quick and efficient, like a well-oiled machine!
Matt Franks, our Rotarian abroad has an update on his pursuits of recent times in the UK & Europe, see more ..
Maddi Frazer has been giving the Rotary Scull an outing , thanks Jarrod for the info, see more…..
Friends of Rotary (FOR) – I have 2 new recruits on board and the list is growing. If you have anyone interested in helping us out at our fundraising events, then let me know. FOR is a good way for interested parties to get to know how the Rotary Club works. This could lead to more members.    
Coming up
Rotary Restart 16 January 2018 at the Wanaka Golf Club (there was mention of Rotary Park but have decided that forecast is average)
Membership Satisfaction Survey for Discussion 23 January 
Deadline for Apologies:  Monday 8pm, 15 January 2018
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Members who are absent for a meeting (s) but not on Leave of Absence should in the first instance arrange a swap with the member doing the same duty next month. If this is not successful enlist someone else and return the favour later :-)

Successful Summer Book Sale 2017-18 

An efficient team of Rotarians with sack trolleys, a big tandem trailer and help from MAC Students and parents moved the books from UCT to the Armstrong Room for the 2 Book sales over the Christmas & New Year period. The team of students raising funds for the trip to Spain in September, worked rotating shifts, under the watchful eyes of parents and some Rotarians. The funds raised have yet to be finalised but all indications show that it was worth organising the book sales.
Wednesday, 10th January was the last day of the summer book sale and also the last day the Rotary Club would be able to use the UCT storage & workplace facility.
It was the end of an era, many thanks to Upper Clutha Transport for their generosity, providing the facility over many years.  
MAC Students from left Lukas Shafer, Zoe Labes, and President Fran at the end of the tidy up.
Rowing News - Supplied by Jarrod Frazer
Maddi and Sophie had a great weekend with all their races in the Wanaka Rotary double-scull skiff at Twizel.
They got through to the intermediate girls final on day one. The final was an amazing race with the final 1000 metres being was great to watch as the girls came from back in 6th place, about 150 metres behind the leading pack, due to a not so perfect start, but by the finish line they had stepped up a couple of gears to catch the main pack to finish fourth.
Considering Sophie is in her first season rowing and Maddi had the first half of the season out with injury they surprised themselves with how well they went. Extremely determined girls!
Watch this space as they are determined to do better in the next regatta in a couple of weeks.
The Wanaka Rotary skiff performed excellently over the weekend with three different Wanaka teams racing through to finals in it.
Overall Team Wanaka had great results with several of the rowers getting through to finals and taking out wins and places in singles and doubles. Watch out for these Wanaka towers, they are going places (quickly)!
Xmas greetings from Matt, our UK Rotarian correspondent! 
Currently lives in Balham the South West of London, a 3bdrm house with a nice backyard and is conveniently located close to the tube. Has a current ‘English Rose’ interest who lives close by and is convenient. Celebrated birthday with an Omega Seamaster watch, see pic, went to football match at Wembley at the pitch view, just under the corporate boxes. Had exclusive bar and the view was pretty good. The best part was the lack of queuing to get in and being escorted by security up to our area. Unfortunately the football was a bit scrappy but another thing to tick off. Contract has been extended for another 6 months at this stage and will see how that goes.
There was the presidential dinner at Drapers Hall in London where I was presented my CA certificate (well a duplicate anyway). I have attached some photos where I attended with the friend of mine that I completed my CA with (not English Rose).
I have been in Cologne and Bratislava and have other plans in the offing for the New Year. London life is just boxing along with the Christmas slow down. I know January will be incredibly busy from a work point of view so good and bad. But I do hope to get away for a couple of weekends.
I have visited Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge with the Pullen Family and Holli who I met on my intrepid trip (this bit follows on from the last email).                                                           
Anyhow need to finish packing as I am heading off to Cambridge for Christmas with Mum, Dad, my sister and her husband.
Went exploring with Ex German homestay (well not really mine) and visited Buckingham Palace, and Harrods, with afternoon tea at the Harrods Café. Saturday we went to Buckingham Palace Again, as Josefine wanted to see the Changing of the Guard. Unfortunately it wasn’t on this weekend. Then we headed to Big Ben and Westminster. Bit more touristy stuff. We entered the gardens at Westminster Abbey and decided to visit a pub and have lunch. Josefine got to cross of fish and chips from her list – it was ok – warm beer, poor service and the food was ok. We then headed back to Westminster Abbey and did the tour. I must say it was absolutely spectacular. Being in the presence of so much history was immense. Visiting the tombs of all the famous kings and queens, as well as notable subjects such as Charles Darwin and Issac Newton. Looking up at the vaulted ceiling, and laying eyes on the 12th century marble flooring, where the current queens coronation took place was pretty incredible. Walking past the cloisters where the choice boys sung before making our around visiting the tombs of the notable Kings and Queens. Edward Longshanks, his father Henry 3, the shrine of Edward the Confessor, Henry V, Elizabeth 1, Mary Queen of Scots, Henry Tudor VII and Elizabeth of York. However all of that wasn’t the truly humbling moment. Josefine and I made the call to stay for the 5pm church ceremony, so being bright and early we sat in The Queens Scholar Back row (second Row 3 from the left) next to the organ looking down at the place where Kings and Queens coronations and royal weddings took place. I can’t think of the word but it was the woodern seats that lined the abbey. We were listening to a choir from the USA sing and some of their friends and family were sitting in the front rows. It was quite something to listen to them whilst staring up at the vaulted ceilings and being part of something where so much has gone on beforehand. I would highly recommend anyone who has visited attend a service (religious or not). I bought a book on Westminster Abbey afterwards where I will add the programme to it.
Sunday – we visited the Camden market which was pretty impressive. I found a shop that had some nice clothes, but refraned. I think I have gone through a couple of hundred pounds in dining out and other activities. Good thing I didn’t have any dates this week, they seem to be costly enough each time. Next week might be a different story… Anywho, I digress. We visited the Tower of London and spent quite a few hours there. It is quite a remarkable site, however, I think I am still recovering from Westminster Abbey. We visited the spot where Anne Boleyn became separated from her head. We entered the Main Building, the White Tower (I think it is called – will need to check my book) that started after the Norman Conquest. I think I have some interesting photos on my camera I just haven’t checked them as yet. Wifi has been a bit frustrating of late. Think it must be Josefine’s fault – she jinxes these things she tells me.
I am heading to Bath next week to catch up with the Pullen family from my intrepid trip in India. Also my friend Holli who was on the same trip = the hot Blondie Brentski who was my photographic muse whilst in India is hopefully popping down from Bristol to visit.
What a great missive to receive from Matt, he wishes us all a good season!
The email has been edited due to size of doc. – President Fran