MEETING 6pm for 6.30 pm start. Wanaka Golf Club, 12 Ballantyne Road.
APOLOGIES: email: OR phone 443 7888 ext 3 and leave a message.
THEME FOR SEPTEMBER:  Basic Education and Literacy
Guest Speakers
Oct 31, 2017
Vocational - Pizza night
Nov 07, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
Nov 21, 2017
The History of Hallensteins
Nov 28, 2017
Dec 04, 2017
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19 September Jarrod Fraser
26 September Sylvia Duff
3 October  Peter Barrow
10 October Informal Meeting
No big business so generously supporting Rotary!
No competitive petrol and diesel available to the public!
A lot of jobs not in town!
The long standing support of the Reid family not happening
AND continuing with storage assistance
AND support of Wheels to Dunstan service for the Upper Clutha residents.
Matt Franks,  George Scott,  Lois & Ian Haynes, Rosie Burridge, Noelene Pullar, Margaret West, Mike Elliott, John Huddleston & Ken Goldfinch.
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October 6
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October 12
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October 25
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Tuesday 19th September - President Fran's Message:

Where has the week gone?

It was good to attend the Link Forum at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Thursday night and it was interesting to see the Stall Holders and the members of the community who turned out to attend.

It was well organised and I managed to attract attention wearing the Rotary Chain! Jim Boult, Calum McLeod, Ross McRobie, Rachel Brown & Kathy Dedo all had strong views about the direction of Wanaka bearing in mind the growth trend over the next several years. Thanks to Derek Howarth who also represented Rotary on the night. We had posters of our Duck Race (managed to sell a ticket!), Book Sale and one about the Blood Pressure Campaign, which Rotary will be supporting on the 10th October. We were ‘Out there Doing It’! Good PR!

Deadline for Apologies, is Monday 8pm.

Coming up:

Tititea Lodge maintenance work weekend POSTPONED, Blood Pressure Campaign 10th October, Duck Race 21 October, Book Sale 10,11,12 November.

BIG DUCK is dressed and ‘blown up’ and ready to GO! Is there a small team of members out there who can ‘show him off around town? I can do it BUT only in circles! Maybe we can leave him for the day ‘on show’ with lots of people traffic. Ideas please!

CORPORATE DUCK RACE TICKETS due soon! Keep an eye out, lots of new ideas about the race!

ROTARY DIRECTORY due this week, YEH!

Thanks to our Sponsors & Supporters, as always, for without which we would be unable to hold these fundraising & service projects.

Nga mihinui hei kona

DUTIES September October
(note 2 people to
manage the front desk)
Gavin Vize
Celia Waser
Sylvia Duff
Peter Borrie
Introduction Janice Hughes Peter Barrow
Raffle Don Irvine Paul Gardner
Thanks Dave Evans Chris Wright
Sergeant Deb Budden Margaret West
Meet & Greet/Photography
(Note 2 people do
M&G and Photography)
Catherine Little
Lloyd Mansfield
Ian Haynes
Tom Greenwood

Members who are absent for a meeting (s) but not on Leave of Absence should in the first instance arrange a swap with the member doing the same duty next month. If this is not successful enlist someone else and return the favour later :-)

Subject: Long Lost Australians

Hello Rotarians,

Firstly sorry it's taken so long to get back to you to say we have had a bit on would be an understatement.

I hope you guys well are all doing great! Sorry about the loss of a past president and friend.

It's been fantastic to be around family we are still at Matilda's parents house and looking to relocate to the Sunshine Coast in the next few weeks , I have a lot of work offers on the table which is brilliant but I feel we will start something of our own instead. We are all enjoying spending time with family and friends at the moment. 

The weather has been quite a shock for us and we've been straight into the mid to high 20s and even a few days in the 30s!!! We don't mind, but we are very glad it's not mid summer yet.
We met with the Montessori college of the Sunshine Coast today and looking to get the girls enrolled. They are after a letter of reference from a community member and we mentioned that I am a Rotary  member and thought it would be quite prestigious for us to get a letter from a personal friend and also current president. I'm not sure what is written in these letters, nothing major between 300 to 400 pages on how great we are should suffice. Joking I have no idea, just a sentence or two would be greatly appreciated. 

A big hello to the club I am missing the conversations with them all already. As soon as we have our own space, I'll let you know as we can then provide space for our southern friends to drop in. 

Best regards
Ryan, Matilda, Charlie and Cobie
12 SEPTEMBER 2017 Max Shepard - Business ventures and adventures-personal case studies on why business ventures can fail
Max gave a very entertaining talk about Business failures and used a series of Case Studies to identify the many and varied ways that businesses can fail.
Max spent the first 25 years of his working life as a scientist at Otago University.  He finished there in 1992 as a research professor.  He said that even as a young man on the west coast of the South Island he was somewhat of an entrepreneur hunting possums for a bounty being paid at the time.
The first company Max and an associate set up was Zenith Technology which carried out bio-equivalent drug trials for pharmaceutical companies.  ZenTech was and is a very successful company and it was through that success that Max became involved in the “Case Studies”.
The first was Sanipac which was an environmental waste destruction company.  Things went well with the original business model where Sanipac had a partnership with a waste management company to handle the collection and delivery of the waste.  That waste management company was taken over by another and overnight there was no place for Sanipac in the new arrangement.
The next venture was a company that joined forces with NZ Wine Producers to try to find a non chemical solution to the grape problem botrytis.  The company successfully carried out trials in NZ and USA and found that the spoors of a certain fungus successfully controlled botrytis.  The problem was the company was never able to find a financially viable way to produce the quantities of spoor required.  The company failed and chemicals are still the main method of control.
Next Max became involved in a company that harvested Beef brains for export to Italy.  The company started off very successfully until BSE  (Mad Cow Disease) hit Europe.  That bought about a very sudden demise of that company.
Max gave an example of another company that was growing and exporting Pittosporum plants.  They entered into a joint venture in China and set up a nursery over there.  A failure to properly research and understand Chinese cultural issues led to that business failing.
Lastly Max gave an example where he became involved in the purchase of a thoroughbred stallion named Monza and a company set up to breed and sell progeny.  Sadly the company had failed to properly research Monza’s history and lineage.  It was almost good luck when a bad tempered Monza broke his leg and had to be put down.
19 SEPTEMBER 2017 Richard Elvey - Kaho Youth
26 SEPTEMBER 2017 DG Bruce Cowan 
3 OCTOBER 2017 Janice Hughes - Clubrunner Tuturial
10 OCTOBER 2017 Informal Meeting - Venue to be confirmed
Rotarians Abroad 
The Burridge Clan in Montespertolli!

George and Mary at a wedding in Austria one of their former farm workers.