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Aug 20, 2019
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Aug 27, 2019
NZ Trade Commissioner in Beijing/ Taiwan & Singapore PARTNERS WELCOME
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To celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve teamed up with UNICEF to give life-saving vaccines to 100,000 children across the Pacific.


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Latin Link Adventure Ltd

Tuesday 13 August  2019

Great speakers over the last couple of weeks. Alison's experiences in family law often challenging dividing property and children, and still she managed to recount her tales with humor! My mother has within the last 12 months been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, so I found Danielle from Ocular's talk particularly interesting, and given the increase in its occurrence over the next couple of generations, I will be sure to eat plenty of eggs Florentine with a side of smoked salmon to ensure I am getting enough lutein! In fact the next morning when I did my grocery shopping I bought sprouts and spinach, which Wyn was a little unsure of but he decided he liked the brussel sprouts and told me I could cook them again! 

Bruce Steenson and I attended a funding workshop last week hosted by the council, and identified potential sources of funding ( Central Lakes Trust, and the Lottery Grants Board) for   some equipment for the Eely Point playscape. 

Wyn has been selected to play for the MAC hockey team at the inter-schools tournament in Blenheim at the beginning of September - so he will not be attending Rotary over the coming weeks as he has additional hockey practices in preparation.  Please remember if you are having friends over to watch the rugby - going up to Cardrona, a bike ride etc at the weekends to give him a call or text his mobile is 021 0885 3256. 

Our next Rotary directors meeting is coming up on Monday 19th - so please talk to me before then if there is anything you would like me to raise. 

I was given this piece of advice from a fellow Rotary president recently and it resonated well with me!

See you Tuesday , President Deb



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Meeting Etiquette.
  •  Check if you have a duty to do, and if you are unable to do your duty it is your duty to find someone else to do it for you and to inform President George me of any changes.
  • Please when going to get your meal please be aware that there are people behind you and if you take a very large helping others may miss out. It may be you who misses out next week. 
  • At the end of meeting please help the staff at the Wanaka District Club by returning glasses to the bar and plates to the kitchen.Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Inform the President   prior to the meeting if you wish to address the meeting or if you wish to leave early.

13 August Club night

  • Membership Month - video
  • Committee Meetings

Guest Speaker 27 Aug.  Note this is a partner event.

Liam Corkery:   China, Xi Jinping and Hardening Global Attitudes

Liam Corkery recently returned to Wanaka after thirteen years living in Asia where he was New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner in Taiwan from 2010 to 2014, and Beijing from 2014 until the end of 2018.   In those roles he led teams that helped many of New Zealand’s largest companies develop their China business during a period of dramatic growth in two-way trade and inward Chinese investment.  Liam worked on three Prime Ministerial Missions to China, and the visits by President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang to New Zealand.   

In 2017 China did-away with Presidential term limits and enshrined “Xi Jinping thought” in the constitution.  Since then global attitudes towards China have hardened.   We see this in the form of the US led trade war and in the form of Hong Kong street protests.   Liam will attempt to provide context to these issues and explore the implications for New Zealand. 

Liam has a Triple Major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Victoria University and a Global Executive MBA delivered jointly by the University of Southern California and Shanghai Jiaotong University.  

Profile Photo.jpg


Holger Knaack selected to be 2020-21 Rotary International president


Holger Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, has been selected to serve as president of Rotary International in 2020-21.

The Nominating Committee’s decision follows the resignation last month of President-nominee Sushil Gupta due to health reasons. Knaack will officially become president-nominee if no other candidates challenge him by 31 May.

To build a stronger membership, Knaack says Rotary must focus on increasing the number of female members and transitioning Rotaractors into Rotarians.

Knaack believes that the People of Action campaign offers new public awareness possibilities for Rotary. “This campaign conveys our global image while still respecting differences in regions and cultures,” he says.

A Rotary member since 1992, Knaack has served Rotary as treasurer, director, moderator, member and chair of several committees, representative for the Council on Legislation, zone coordinator, training leader, and district governor.

He is an endowment/major gifts adviser and co-chair of the Host Organization Committee for the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg.

Knaack is the CEO of Knaack KG, a real estate company. He was previously a partner and general manager of Knaack Enterprises, a 125-year-old family business.

He is a founding member of the Civic Foundation of the City of Ratzeburg and served as president of the Golf-Club Gut Grambek. Knaack is also the founder and chair of the Karl Adam Foundation.

Knaack and his wife, Susanne, are Major Donors to The Rotary Foundation and members of the Bequest Society.

The members of the Nominating Committee for the 2020-21 President of Rotary International are Kazuhiko Ozawa, Rotary Club of Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan; Manoj D. Desai, Rotary Club of Baroda Metro, Gujarat, India; Shekhar Mehta, Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India; John G. Thorne, Rotary Club of North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; Guiller E. Tumangan, Rotary Club of Makati West, Makati City, Philippines; Juin Park, Rotary Club of Suncheon, Jeonranam, Korea; Elio Cerini, Rotary Club of Milano Duomo, Italy; Gideon M. Peiper, Rotary Club of Ramat Hasharon, Israel; Per Høyen, Rotary Club of Aarup, Denmark; Paul Knijff, Rotary Club of Weesp (Vechtstreek-Noord), Netherlands; Sam Okudzeto, Rotary Club of Accra, Ghana; José Ubiracy Silva, Rotary Club of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil; Bradford R. Howard, Rotary Club of Oakland Uptown, California, USA; Michael D. McCullough, Rotary Club of Trenton, Michigan, USA; Karen K. Wentz, Rotary Club of Maryville, Tennessee, USA; Michael K. McGovern, Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA; and John C. Smarge, Rotary Club of Naples, Florida, USA


Minutes from Directors meeting

MINUTES of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Directors Meeting, held at Harcourt’s Wanaka’s boardroom, Wanaka, July 22nd 2019, at 7.00pm
Treasurers Report: Margaret West
1.      Note balance of accounts as at 17 July 2019
·        Club Account                   $14,055
·        Trust Account                  $26,267
2.      Membership dues – 6 subs paid to date
3.      Note membership dues have remained at $240 pa with discount of $220 by 31 October 2019.
4.      Note cost of rental for container moved to Club Trust Account as used for book storage; reducing the admin expenditure and aligning costs appropriately.  
Payments Due:
1.      Rotary International for July – December 2019 dues and 2x The Rotarian subscriptions: US$2885.98
2.      Rotary Downunder for July – December 2019 subscriptions x46: NZ$920
PR and Media Report: Tony O’Regan
  1. Brand Management - understand the parameters of the Rotary brand and any associated logo's e.g. annual theme, and ensure it is represented correctly. Prepare a database of where the Rotary logo is in the community and check it is correctly represented.
  2. Advertising - prepare marketing material and bookings for club events as required.
  3. Public Relations - prepare articles/images for club promotion.
  4. Website - liaise with the web master to ensure we are utilising this channel to its maximum.
  5. Social Media - regularly promote club activities. Primarily Facebook.
  6. Club Bulletin - ensure it represents the club visually and look for improvements.
After the changeover night we sent out a Press Release re the awards for Lynn and Ralph Fegan.
It was sent to:
·        Club website (Published)
·        Messenger (Published 3/7)
·        Wanaka Sun (Published 27/6)
·        Wanaka App (Published 24/6)
·        Radio Wanaka (Broadcast 24/6)
·        The News (Published 27/6)
·        ODT (not heard from them).
Each month we have a free ad in The Messenger. President Deb asked to put in an Ad for our yearly achievements.  Published 3/7.
Administration: Gordon Bailey
1)      Speaker list confirmed up till Sept
2)      Budget templates for directors to be sent out and populated
3)      Numbers required on back of labels as some don’t have any, to be left with membership committee.
4)      Catherine needs to know if people are sick.
5)     Bulletin was discussed, editor now on 3 months leave.
Foundation: Nicola McGregor on behalf of Deans Hudson
Commitments we already have are:
1.      $3k to a Vanuatu hygiene project in which we are joining RC of Dunedin North.
2.      $2k for a Cook Islands literacy project with Cromwell and Alexandra, plus RC of Rarotonga. 
3.      The club’s commitment to Polio+ and our Rotary Foundation donation.
4.      Recommend our commitment to Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) should be the same as last year: $4 or 5k. 
5.      Will probably assist with a Samoan Foot Clinic project
Fundraising: Mike Elliott
The following committee coordinators have been tentatively allocated:
Tom – Warbirds over Wanaka – Easter
Colin – Book Sale – October
John – Gibbston Valley Concert – January
Malcolm – Duck Race – Labour weekend (October)
Lois – A&P Show – March
Noelene – Historic Farm Tours – (Late summer?) – new for Rotary Club of Wanaka.
 Fundraising Activity update:
1)      Book Sale: The Wanaka Centre was already booked out for October and the first available date was the last weekend in November/Dec1.  This has been booked, other venues for October will be investigated.
2)      There was discussion of the Duck Race and strategy for ticket sales and more specifically corporate sales.
3)      General discussion of the proposed Historic Farm tour and Noelene’s prior experience. Likely date
Service Projects:  Jarrod Frazer / Bruce Steeson
1.      New Club Funding application and Guidelines are now in use.
2.      Future projects, Eely Point possible Park, at design stage.  Jarrod and John Huddelston met with Council representative and designer to talk about the possibility of the club taking on this project. Basically a park area for kids 5-10 years to learn bike skills at Eely Point but may include Family BBQ areas, flying fox.
3.      Rotary Park (on-going maintenance and possible future BBQ if services allow)
4.      Received an application from Aimee MacArthur for a Spirit of NZ course.  Will consider the application once all information available, anticipated to be at August committee meeting.
5.      Tititea Lodge coming up 21st and 22nd September. Waiting for a complete list of jobs from Russell Lambeth. (It is logistically possible for members to help at Tititea Lodge and participate in Meadow Hut activity.)
6.      The RCoW has registered to participate in GJ Gardener’s National Clean-up Day – 10 September 2019 (replaces a Club meeting).
7.      We have had an application for funding from Alex Plimmer to support his first year of study at Longwood University, Virginia, USA.  He meets the award criteria in a number of ways. His references show he has demonstrated leadership, integrity, sports prowess and community spirit.
The Director’s resolved to recommend to Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust, that a donation of $1000 be made to Alex Plimmer.
Youth and Vocation: Karl Buchanan
1.      Interest in the committee to look at an initiative to support younger children – ie in the past we have
supplied literacy/maths/science kits to primary schools. Will discuss with local schools, including Makarora and Tarras, for their suggestions. 
2.      RYE exchange student, Wyn Bachler has arrived.  Need to ensure all the club becomes involved in
hosting him and making the most of his time and experience with us i.e. taking on any excursions and also having dinner at members’ houses.  Still need more hosts.
The Directors resolved to pay a monthly allowance to RYE student Wyn Bachler and to make a provision for other incidental costs, for example, to cover participation in club excursions and activities.
Club Membership: Matthew Abraham
Current Memberships:
Rotary year (2019-2020) started with;  58 active members and 6 honorary members.
New Members:
·        A new membership application from Mark Pittaway has been received - proposed by Ken Goldfinch.
·        There are other 5 potential new prospects which need to be followed up on as noted below.
Currently looking for member recruitment ideas from all, including:
·        Member diversity in the club
·        All members are encouraged to bring a friend this year
·        Making Rotary a great experience for all members
·        Helping to get good speakers
·        More involvement in community projects
·        Informal social get-togethers
·        Member retention is a priority
The Directors approved the membership application from Mark Pittaway.
Social Activities:  C Wright
Activities Last Year included: Jazz Night, Christmas Golf and Dinner, 4x4 Rally, Friday Night Social at Mike Elliot’s and Bruce Stenson’s, Kahu Youth Amigos Take Over, The Rotary Bowls Team.
To Organise/consider for Rotary Year 2019/20
-         Progressive Dinner
-         Friday Night Socials
-         Overnight at The Meadowstone Hut on Pisa Range
-         28th September - Port Chalmers Seafood festival.
-         Christmas Golf tournament
-         Christmas Party in December
-         4x4 Rally
-         Kahu Youth Amigos Take Over
Next Meeting: 19th August 2019
(the 3rd Monday of the month)



Up and Coming Events - please check out new events added in the left hand column of the bulletin and look out for further details soon.

Image result for Tititea Lodge
Tititea Lodge Spring Clean - 21-22 Sept 
You should of received an email to sign up in Club Runner if you wish to attend.   If you require any assistance  please contact 
Jarrod Frazer  ( Service Projects co-Director)    Phone 0272 512 007