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Guest Speakers
Nov 02, 2021
The Role of Inflammation and how it triggers 9/10 common ailments in Western Culture
Nov 09, 2021
Nov 16, 2021
Otago Rescue Helicopter
Nov 23, 2021
Richard to conduct the Formality of Changeover date to District 22030 from 9980
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Latin Link Adventure Ltd
Presidents Report  October 18th, 2021
So 2 weeks have flown past, 1 with a great activity & another with a great meeting.
I thought the Bowls evening that Chris Wright organised was brilliant even though some of the bowls could be said to have been average at best😊
And then last week a great talk on being stuck in South America from Fran Tate.
Also last week we voted on the proposed constitutions for District 9999. This was an over whelming yes and I have sent the voting form off this morning.
Over the coming months we have some great speakers & activities organised so stay turned and enjoy. Christmas is also only eight weeks away with the end of 2021 soon after.
Our last meeting for 2021 will be December 14th with our annual Foundation Auction and our first for 2022 will be January 18th with a casual fellowship night.
Take care and enjoy this warm Spring weather
Foundation Auction and Partners Night - 14th December 2021
Foundation Auction and Partners Night - 14th December 2021
Make the last night of Rotary 2021 one to remember
Start sorting out your donation now - anything goes: Home baking, dinner party, Christmas Cake, baking, vouchers for something, preserves, wine, spirits, gift baskets, boat fishing trip or holiday homes, regifting items you have but never use  (such as garage sale items) etc
Please email Nicola Brown - to let her know what you can donate. 
We would really appreciate a donation from every Rotarian to make this a good night.  Dave McKenzie will be our auctioneer on the night.  All proceeds going to Rotary Foundation.
Guest Speaker Tuesday October 26th: Fran Tate - Patagonia 
Guest Speaker at last weeks meeting was our own Rotary member Fran Tait who spoke to us about her last trip to PATAGONIA.
As an introduction Fran briefly mentioned that her and her husband, Gary ran a very successful travel agency business in Auckland before selling up and shifting south to Wanaka in 1979.  Once here they concentrated on travel to South America under the logo Latin Link Adventure.
It was her last trip to Patagonia in March 2020 that provided much excitement.  Fran was travelling with  9 clients and gave us a run down of the tour south from Santiago with a photo presentation of interesting landmarks.  Of particular interest was the number of volcanoes down the spine of the Andes, the areas of thermal activity and the German influence in Patagonia.
The excitement began however when Fran received an urgent message to evacuate Patagonia/Chile IMMEDIATELY – only 10 days into an all up 30 day tour.  They were 800 kms south of Santiago Airport and the last flight out was the evening of the next day.
In Fran’s words “she has never moved so fast”
   Fran giving us a quick visual of their Tour 
Guest Speaker Tuesday 2nd November: Dr Stefan Billing

Inflammaging: The Role of Inflammation in the Acceleration of Aging

As we age, our body starts to slow down, break down, and develop various symptoms, ailments, and diseases. We accept this as a fact without thinking much about it. One of the reasons for age-related symptoms and diseases is inflammaging, a low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age.

Many don’t know, but you don’t have to accept symptoms of inflammaging as an unavoidable consequence of aging. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can live a vibrant and healthy life at any age. With proper nutrition and lifestyle strategies, you can slow the inflammaging process and reduce your risk of age-related symptoms and health issues. 

In next Tuesday's Rotary talk, you will learn what inflammaging is and what are its common symptoms. You will understand the top causes, the best lab tests and my top natural support strategies for inflammaging to improve your health and well-being through old age.

See you there!

Dr Stefan Billing
Labour Weekend Orchard Road working Bee
Brilliant weather on the Saturday of Labour Weekend saw a group of enthusiastic chainsaw wielding Rotarians and mates turn up in Orchard Road to deal to some felled trees. Mike’s 9am safety briefing ensured all was safe during the several hours of concentrated work. Needless to say the BBQ lunch was extremely well deserved ;)
Thanks To Sally Angus for the "on the spot " reporting
And....  a further reminder from Mike on the next task.
Right, You lot!!
Time for another working bee!
Saturday 6th November is the date to put in your calendar, with the same rules as before - The Old Berry Farm in Orchard Road to cut up trees, split the logs, and cart them over the road, and then tidy up the rubbish left behind - all very simple!!
Bring yourself and any likely others who can help, with the relevant tools to do the job - gloves, chainsaws, log splitters, ear muffs, trailers/utes, and a wealth of enthusiasm!!!
The quid pro quo is a BBQ lunch and a beer at the end of the day - and all this on top of the satisfaction that you are helping others by producing lots of firewood to sell/distribute next year, and did I mention having a wee bit of fun??!!
So who could refuse??? 
Please get back to me and let me know whether you can be there, and any others you can bring as well.
I think you will be encouraged by how much we managed to take over the road last week, so lets get cracking and outdo ourselves this time.
Many thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there.
A further note from Mike
Proposed exchange with the Eastern Hutt Rotary Club
We are now looking at the end of February, so will let everyone know more when we get info back from Eastern Hutt Rotary about numbers etc.

Any queries to Pat Heffernan 021569890 or myself 0274329243.
Directors meeting Minutes from Secretary Alan
Minutes of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Directors Meeting,  held October 18th 2021.
Correspondence Inwards:
  • Gillian White, mother of Priya White – thanks and advice our help will see Priya at NZ School of Dance w/shop.
  • Life Education Trust (Dana Young) – thank you note and offer to provide a speaker and/or host a Club visit.
  • Aspiring Gymsports (Colleen) – thanks for donation and reconfirming willingness to speak to the Club.
  • Grow Wanaka Community Garden (Emberly) – Thanks and offer to speak or host a visit by the Club.
  • Grow Wanaka Community Garden (via Dir Nicola) – can we borrow a gazebo?
  • Maryanne McKenzie (via Pres. Richard) – tendering her resignation from RCW
  • Danielle Carney, Upper Clutha Youth Council – seeking nominations for their Youth Volunteer Awards.
  • WAI Wanaka (Jose Cranfield) – seeking help to secure summer accommodation for a research intern.
  • Innovative Young Minds – inviting applications by 1/4/22 for STEM focused IYM Online running 10-15 July ’22.
  • D9980 – Jean Morgan – providing details a documents relating to set-up of D9999.
  • D9980 – DG Nick Woods – RYLA 2022 newsletter and seeking applications.
  • D9980 – PDG Tania Lowery – PETS training on 6th November for 2022-23 presidents’ elect.  Facilitators wanted
  • QLDC (Christine Schafer/Bailey Henderson) – confirming use of Wanaka Centre main hall for mini-book sale.
  • Wanaka Girl Guides & Rangers (Sarah Graham) – advise 2022 Jamboree had been cancelled – returning funds.
Correspondence Outwards:
  • Aspiring Gymsports (Colleen) – advice that a donation of $2768.00 had been approved by the RCWCT.
  • Grow Wanaka Comm. Garden (Emberly) - advice that a donation of $2400 had been approved by the RCWCT.
  • Life Education Trust Heartland O/S’land - advice that a donation of $500 had been approved by the RCWCT.
  • Anonymous Benefactor – receipt for $5000 for use by Rotary in the Wanaka community (Rod)
Treasurers Report: Rod Pemberton
Club Account Balance as at 14 October 2021:      $29,018.08         (16th September 2021 it was $77,668.14)
Trust Account Balance as at 14 October 2021:     $39,926.50         (16th September 2021 it was $42,215.93)
  1. Recommend the non-routine payments below be ratified/approved:
  1. Trust matters for noting:
  1. Donation of $53,660.00 to Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust approved and paid
  2. Donation of $2400.00 to Grow Wanaka Community Garden (irrigation) approved and paid.
  3. Donation of $4000.00 to Te Kakano Trust (develop propagation facilities) has now been paid.
  4. Note that the 2022 Girl Guides Jamboree has been cancelled (Covid fallout) – the $500 will be returned.
  1. Other:
  1. Note the Uncommitted Funds spreadsheet circulated, showing uncommitted Club funds of $29,545.57 and Charitable Trust funds of $24,158.50.
  2. Club Subscription invoices have gone out and a reminder sent; 23 remain unpaid.
  3. After some discussion, it was agreed that all funds raised at the annual Foundation Auction would be passed onto the Rotary Foundation.
Nothing to report.
PR and Media Report: Tony O’Regan
  • Duck Race 
a. Tickets have been printed.
b. Promotional video has been updated.
c. Advertising plan adjusted for postponement
Foundation: Nicola Brown
  1. Polio Movie Event: The Duke.
Nicola has asked Jordi at Ruby’s Cinema whether we can hold a private screening again. Cost would be same as previous years: $30/pp. Propose we have it the 7th December 2021, in lieu of our normal meeting.
  1. Foundation Christmas Auction is to be held on Tuesday, 14th December, 2021.
Will be the last Rotary night for the year. All funds go to Foundation, covering our club’s annual commitment.
Fundraising: Geoffrey Tomkins
  1. Duck Race 2021
  • The Duck Race has been postponed. Ticket sales at New World and Mitre 10 have been proceeding but finish on 17th October.  So far 700/1500 tickets sold (cf 900/1500 at same stage last year).
  • Corporate Duck sales have gone ahead (all sold/resold) and still planning to have the best dressed duck competition on Friday 22nd October at Harcourts.
  • We have two options as to holding the race:
a. Hold the race unannounced and video the race for release to the public.
b. Wait until restrictions allow us to proceed.(The merits of trying to hold it between Christmas and New were noted and agreed.)
The consensus was to wait until the public could attend/view the race – it’s much about excited children.
  1. New Year Limited Booksale
a) The Fund Raising committee had no preferred organisation in mind, and were happy to recommend the Holy Family School become the partner/ recipient if they have a defined need.
b) The only other organisation highlighted has been Gym Sports, who have since been granted some funds from the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust.
  1. Gibbston Valley Concert
Noted already that the Gibbston Valley Concert has been postponed until 26th March.
John Huddleston nominated, and the committee endorsed the Upper Clutha Medical Trust becoming the beneficiary of this fundraiser.Directors agreed however that not all funds raised should be ‘tagged’.
  1. Hire of Marquee
Hire of the marquee was considered by the committee following a request by Directors. They responded:
1. Noted that we need a trained crew to put it up and dismantle it, and a number of Rotarians would need to be familiar enough to direct these processes. Suggested it might be done in conjunction with a rugby team or similar group for a set fee to provide the labour.
2. A health and safety check list would be needed and we would need to take responsibility for the structure. Possibly some sort of insurance to protect Rotary from consequential loss if anything happened. Allowing it to be borrowed and put up by the borrowers does not fully get around this.
3. Believe the cost needs to be set well below commercial levels, and need to allow a small amount put aside from hire fees for minor repairs as well as cost of putting it up.
The committee do not want to be left with a “lemon” and not sure if this is really fundraising in a traditional sense.There is no firm income and it requires short term availability of labour.
After some discussion, agreeing with some points and disputing others, Directors agreed that the Club’s Christmas Party at Rod Pemberton’s would be an ideal trial run use of the potential resource; a chance for members to assess the workload and labour pool needed, and the potential income.Following that, a final decision on accepting the gifting offer by Raewyn and David Wilson would be made.
  1. A & P Show
The committee recommended the Rotary Club of Wanaka have an information tent at the A&P Show, possibly selling Warbirds and A&P Society merchandise.However Pres. Richard provided feedback from Warbirds which was a strong rebuff .Directors agreed a site should be secured if possible, for information and visibility.
  1. Winter Feed Competition 2022
George Scott has suggested a 50:50 funding split with Otago Helicopter Rescue, as it is very highly regarded by the farming community.Splitting of the funds was considered a good option by the committee, with Coastguard, the new Wanaka Birthing Unit and the Rural Support Trust considered; and the latter preferred.
  1. Finding funding beneficiaries
Directors confirmed their reluctance to solicit for grant recipients, preferring to rely on public awareness and member Rotarians becoming aware of both people and organisations who could benefit from assistance, and them subsequently being quietly approached with encouragement to formally apply.
Moved:         Geoff Tomkins
Seconded:   John Milburn
  1. That an attempt to run the Duck Race between Christmas and New Year be planned for.
  2. That Directors approve Holy Family School as partners and recipients of the net proceeds of the January 2022 mini-Booksale.
  3. That Directors approve the Upper Clutha Medical Trust as the recipient of Gibbston Valley Concert fundraising, and this be proposed to Aspiring Rotary as a joint recipient of funds raised.
  4. That Directors approve the Otago Helicopter Rescue and the Rural Support Trust as recipients of the proceeds of the 2022 Winter Feed Competition and that funds raised be split 50:50 between them.
Service Projects: John Milburn
  1. Tititea Working Bee: 9/10 October .
Successful and fun working bee 9/10 October . Thanks to all participants.
  1. Keep NZ Beautiful Annual Road Clean Up: Tuesday 26 October from 3pm
Ten (10) volunteers have signed-up. Following this our normal meeting will feature Fran Tate as speaker.
  1. Te Kakano  Aotearoa Trust:
Rosie / Chris organising a visit and BBQ – this will be in 2022.
  1. Priya White (dancer).
    Noted that a thankyou card for our $500 donation has been received.
  1. Blennerhasset Lookout Project:
    Still awaiting feedback from Joel Dean on whether he can do this job.
  1. January Book Sale:
    Note: Holy Family School (Grainne Power) has advised mini-booksale proceeds " would be put towards specialist assistance for our neuro - diverse learners." 
  1. Luggate Albion Cricket Club:
Duncan Spear ( Marketing Manager of Puzzling World ) kindly offered us firewood which has been collected and stockpiled for future splitting and sale . Duncan is also involved with the Luggate Albion Cricket Club who are fundraising for new practice cricket nets. Rotarian Gayne Grunwald has estimated the wood is potentially worth close to $1000 and accordingly, the committee recommend that we grant LACC this amount.
  1. Kahu Youth Trust:
Application for $15,000 to assist with the purchase of a $55,000 van. Still to be considered by the Committee.
  1. A Million Masks for Fiji Project:
 Still to be considered by the Committee.
  1. Hospice Trailer Raffle:
Being organised by Moray McKenzie from Rotary Club of Dunedin Central. Tentatively planned for the period 22 November to 19 December, with the trailer to spend a day or two in Wanaka.We’re asked to provide a few volunteers to sell tickets during its stay outside Mitre 10. RWC has indicated we could assist with this.
  1. Teddy Bears Picnic: We have been asked to provide a few people and a couple of BBQ's (as we did last year) for this event outside the Wanaka Rec Centre on Sunday 23 January.  Have agreed to this on behalf of RCW.
Youth and Vocation: Colin Sharp
  1. Kahu Youth – scholarship is being advertised on Kahu Youth website, extended applications until 31/10/21.
  1. Mt Aspiring College Scholarship – the process for selection and making the award were discussed.
  1. RYLA - details have been advised to the committee via email and awaiting some ideas.  Dave Evans and Dir. Colin are “following that up”.  Applications close 17/12/21 – runs 6th–11th February 2022, in Queenstown.
  1. Colin is establishing contact with Head of Science Dept. at MAC re possibly identifying a candidate for the ‘STEM’ subjects focused Innovative Young Minds online programme to be run 10-15 July 2022.   
Club Membership: Mike Elliot
  1. The notice of resignation received from Maryanne McKenzie (joined 2005) was accepted.
  1. Attracting members – Continue to think about getting business people involved and joining, especially younger and more diverse groups?  Will involve non-members in Rotary functions and events e.g. Duck Race, Bowls, working bees etc.
  1. Updating induction document and process – a first draft is circulating within committee members.
Social Activities: Chris Wright
Current list/thoughts for upcoming activities:
  • October 19th (tomorrow night) – @ $25, take-over of Bowling Club with pizzas bought-in.
  • Melbourne Cup - Sweepstake 5:00pm Tuesday 2nd November – pre-meeting, Edgewater or Ramada Resort.
  • Annual Fishing expedition to Makarora - 2 nights - 28/29th November now booked … about 5 boats 20 people.
  • Christmas Party - 27th November at Rod Pemberton’s (using marquee); dancing , food, fighting, intimacy!
  • New Year Golf Tournament …. Ambrose format, at Hawea Golf Club, possibly meal in Hawea to follow.
  • Te Anau combined Rotary Clubs…golf, biking, Car Rally weekend.
  • Interspersed Friday home hosting function (bring a bottle/plate)
  • Progressive dinners.
  • Gather/Host a group of sports (Rugby etc.) fans during major events.
General Business:
  1. Rotary Affiliation fees for resigning members.  Agreed that the Club should absorb unpaid associated costs.
  2. The planned two-way exchange with Wgtn/Hutt Rotary club has been delayed until ‘Covid’ things abate.
  3. The club’s willingness to collaborate with other service clubs’, e.g. Lions & Masons, projects was confirmed.
  4. The date for the AGM was agreed to be 23 November 2021 @ Edgewater, which will be advertised forthwith.
Next Meeting: - 15th November 2021 (generally the 3rd Monday of the month)
A Reminder from Chris  on Melbourne Cup Afternoon at Club Wyndham


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Meeting Etiquette.
  •  Check if you have a duty to do, and if you are unable to do your duty it is your duty to find someone else to do it for you and to inform the President  of any changes.
  • Please when going to get your meal please be aware that there are people behind you and if you take a very large helping others may miss out. It may be you who misses out next week. 
  • At the end of meeting please help the staff at the Wanaka District Club by returning glasses to the bar and plates to the kitchen. Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Inform the President   prior to the meeting if you wish to address the meeting or if you wish to leave early.