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Feb 01, 2022
Living in two different Countries New Member Profile
Feb 08, 2022
Feb 22, 2022
Breen Construction Company
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Feb 05, 2022
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To celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve teamed up with UNICEF to give life-saving vaccines to 100,000 children across the Pacific.


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Latin Link Adventure Ltd
Presidents Report  August 23rd, 2021
As of Sunday, 6pm TV3 News 72 Total cases with 21 new. 20 in Auckland & 1 in Wellington, thankfully non in the South Island.
In my younger days “Drive Thru” meant Burgers n Chips but no not now. It’s Drive Through COVID Testing & Drive Through COVID Vaccinations.
Next week Masks and QR Codes will be mandatory. 1 million vaccinated Kiwis with 52,000 jabs on Saturday and 750,000 jabs ready to go.
When Rotary talks 1,000,000 – 52,000 – 750,000 it’s normally Monies raised, peoples helped, or Shelter Boxes deployed.
These are different times we live.
So anyway, last Tuesday night we had our first meeting at Edgewater Resort and I for one really enjoyed the evening. Bubbles upon arrival, 2 new
members inducted, Lasagne for dinner and an exceptional speaker. A great way to start our new relationship with Edgewater.
Also a shame we had to cancel our meeting at Alchemy. With all the work Rosie had put in and menu that was on offer, a real shame.
All monies paid for Alchemy will be refunded in full.
Haiti magnitude 7.2 earthquake - Haiti Emergency Relief Fund 
The District Finance Committee recommended to the D9980 Board a donation of $2,500 be made to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund to assist with the earthquake recovery. I believe many Shelter Boxes have also been dispatched. Rotary in action around the world.
Stay safe, Stay home.
Pres Rich
       Derek Valentine - Honorary Membership
Derek was invited to join the Rotary Club of Dunedin in July 1992, he was one of the youngest members, all male at that time, and some 20 years later left the club to transfer to the Rotary Club of Wanaka, and was still aged less than the average member!
Service involved the normal project work but soon the convenor and director roles for a variety of committees followed leading to nomination as club president for the 2007-08 year. It happened that leading up to that year the club sought a significant project and the timing worked for Derek to be the main driver of the Orokonui Ecosanctuary track project. This was indeed very significant in size with over $66,000 expended plus more that 1500 man hours from a variety of sources spent completing the track through the middle of the Ecosanctuary. This project won a special award at the 2011 district conference.
In quick succession Derek was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship and Sapphire for his leadership through this period.
On relocation to Wanaka, Derek joined The Rotary Club of Wanaka, served as director on Service Projects, and with the introduction of ClubRunner became Webmaster.
As he approaches 30 years of continuous service to Rotary, Derek decided it was time to allow others to make a difference, and indicated his desire to step down. The Rotary Club of Wanaka is very pleased to offer Derek Honorary membership in recognition of his distinguished and long term of service and involvement, which he has graciously accepted.
Mike Elliot 
New Members to our Club
                                 Julian and Anne were welcomed as new members of the Wanaka Rotary Club on Tuesday 17th August.
                                                   Julian and Anne being welcomed by Pat and Noelene with Pres Rich presiding.
Rotary Exchange October/November - February/March
Update From Past President Mike Elliot
Further to my last email to you all about a possible exchange with Pat Heffernan's old Club of Eastern Hutt, we would still like some more expressions of interest in hosting, and also making the exchange trip to Wellington too.
Now that we are in lockdown, I am sure you will have more time to think about this excellent way of making new acquaintances, and seeing more of the country also. 
The likely timeline is November for them to come to Wanaka, and sometime in February/March for us to go North.
At this stage we are trying to get an idea of numbers to make sure the whole thing would be viable, after which we will get down to the fine details, so please get in touch with myself or Pat at to indicate your willingness to host and/or to come to Wellington. 
Please get back as soon as possible then we can make progress with the planning.
Many thanks.

Dr Stefan Billing - Guest Speaker August 17th 2021
At our first meeting at Edgewater, Rotarians were entertained by an engaging presentation by Dr Stefan Billing on the Brain and specifically Brain health.
Specifically, Stefan highlighted old adage that we "are what we eat". He emphasized that there are over 50  foods and ingredients that can adversely affect our gut and leak into our circulatory systems. This can cause a corresponding  inflammatory immune response which then affects brain tissue. 
Stefan went op to highlight other modern societal influences that affect our sleep and brain function including social media influences, the preponderance of click bait bad news stories on Main Stream Media  and using blue screen devices right up to bedtime.
Other take-outs included;
  • We should eat our dark leafy greens raw - cooking denatures the active vitamins etc. ( but seriously -Kale?)
  • Gluten can be a problem for all, not just people who suffer intolerance.
  • We should ensure we get Vitamin D, especially from sunshine.  This is an issue with high SPF sunscreens.
  • Alcohol prior to retiring negatively affects REM sleep, the time the brain does its housekeeping. This includes "a wee dram."
           Wayne Morgan introducing Dr Billing                                                 Mark Pittaway thanking our Guest Speaker
General Club Information from Directors
Reminders from  John Milburn: Community Projects Director.
Annual Keep NZ Beautiful Road Cleanup .
Tuesday 14 September 3pm to 5.30pm . Volunteers required and suggestions for roads to remove rubbish from to John Milburn ( 027228 4625)

Titea Working Bee
Sat 9th / Sun 10th October . A list for those wishing to participate in this fun weekend will be circulated shortly.
From Secretary Alan Richardson.
Minutes of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Directors Meeting, held August 16th 2021
Minutes of previous meeting:
Agreed the Minutes of the Directors’ Meetings of 19th July 2021 are a true and correct record of that meeting.
Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere):
  • Clarity - FFL trailer expenses (WoF, Rego etc.); 2-years.  Agreed to be paid from ‘Club’ funds – admin simplicity.
  • Treasurer & Geoff T’s prior recommendations re Club paying minor amounts – yes for ‘incidentals, not grants.
  • : Mike Elliot         Seconded: Alan Richardson
  • Directors asked the President & Secretary to follow-up with Trustees on non-responses to recommendations.
  • Concessions for wife/husband memberships. Noted minor direct cost savings arise.  Let this lie upon the table.
Correspondence Inwards:
  • Rotary International – membership dues to 31/12/21 – USD 1990.50
  • RDU – subscriptions invoice - $867.83
  • RNZWCS – receipt and thanks for $8,000 donation to Rotary NZ’s Give Every Child a Future centennial project.
  • D9980 – Paul Checketts, District Treasurer – details of RI and D9980 2021/22 capitation fees.
  • D9980 – Lee-Ann Lines – updated details for RYLA in 2022 (starts 3pm on Feb 6th, ends 11th Feb)
  • D9980 – Jean Morgan – seeking stories for September issue of RDU.
  • Adele Eyers, on behalf of daughter Zoe – thanks and photo of Zoe in her new chair.
  • RC of Alexandria Cosmopolitan, D2451 Egypt – invitation to join Cross Egypt Challenge 7th – 16th October 2021.
  • Derek Valentine – resignation
  • Bruce Steenson – resignation.
Correspondence Outwards:
  • D9980 – Joan Kiernan – application for Matching Grant in 2021/22 (MAC Uniform Fund Stage 2). (Nicola)
  • D9980 – Joan Kiernan – application for Matching Grant in 2021/22 (Hawea Playgroup’s Playscape). (Nicola)
  • Simone Johnson –letter confirming her MAC Scholarship for purposes of CV development/job seeking. (Alan)
Treasurers Report (revised): Rod Pemberton
Club Account Balance as at 9th August 2021:        $73,548.65         (15th July 2021 it was $66,436.15)
Trust Account Balance as at 9th August 2021:       $45,355.28         (15th July 2021 it was $51,201.50)
(No1 Acct balance = $1,607.49)
(No 2 Acct Club clearing account = $203.50)
  1. Non routine payments below ratified/approved:
$597.95 Mike Elliot Book sale expenses (mostly dump fees)
$91.50 Mike Elliot Winter Feed contest trophy & engraving of the Presidential Chain.
Rotary Affiliation fees based on membership numbers 1 July 2021:
  • $2173.50     District 9980
  • $2846.42     Rotary International       (reimburse R Pemberton for credit card payment)
  • $867.83       Rotary Down Under
  1. Trust matters for noting:
  1. Net amounts in club account that belong to Charitable Trust Acct:
  • Quiz night; $10,000 has now been distributed to purchase ERK’s and for Rotary NZ Centennial Project.
  • Winter Feed Competition $49,690.29 in Club account (also $2120 in Charitable Trust account).  Final amount and pay-out expected before end of September
  1. Upcoming duties. Catherine has had good feedback from those members telephoned with a reminder. Suggest the ‘meet and greet member’ check that directories go to those who don’t have them and prominently display them next to the badges.
  2. Fran Tate is willing to act as Club Historian.
  3. Webmaster. Pres. Richard has taken on the role following Derek Valentine’s resignation from the Club.
  4. August 24th meeting - Rosie is working through remaining details with Alchemy who are hosting us.
  5. October 19th meeting - at the Bowls club with a cash bar and pizzas delivered. $10 Bowling $10 Pizza
  6. Sergeant Sessions: Admin Committee’s recommend to reinstate - agreed the President should seek member feedback at a future club meeting.
  7. Speaker gift. Admin Committee recommend a new custom of donating, in the speaker’s name, to a Rotary charity like Polio+ or a local charity.  Directors disagreed, and further, to only present a gift to speakers by exception – non-commercial speakers, private travel costs incurred situations etc.
  8. Membership Forms – need complete details to allow member to be set-up in RI, ClubRunner, RDU etc.  Agreed introducing members help their protégés to fill the forms in, before going to the membership director.
  9. Community service options in the summer months. Team up with other local organisations e.g. Wastebusters, litter picking drives, Friends of Ruby Island and Bullock Creek, St John’s and the Stroke Foundation.
Director’s agreed we should be involved in GJ Gardner led Clean-Up, and to invite the public to help us.
  1. Pres. Richard noted happy to reintroduce 3-Minute Speakers – just needs help to keep them to 3 minutes!
PR and Media Report: Tony O’Regan
Advertising: Preparations for Duck Sale advertising underway.  Approved a budget along the lines of the past few years:  $1,500+gst which includes ticket production costs.
Foundation: Nicola Brown
Applications for three District 9980 matching grants have been submitted:
  • Coastguard Wanaka                                                  - $2000
  • Hawea Play Group                                                     - $1500
  • Mount Aspiring College Uniform Fund - Stage 2 - $2000
Fundraising: Geoffrey Tomkins
  1. Duck Race 2021
Unable to buy new big ducks from K-Mart - they don't seem to be made any more, which means unless we can find others, we are stuck with the existing fleet.  We could buy slightly smaller ducks - about 2/3 existing Corporate Duck size and replace all the existing ones. Geoff was encouraged to investigate the purchase and/or importation of a new fleet.
  1. New Year Limited Booksale
The Lake Wanaka Centre is currently available 2nd – 9th January.  Given fall of Statutory Holiday dates, agreed that we should book it for 2nd – 5th January.   Still need to decide on a partner/recipient; noted suggestions of a sports group or a school other than MAC – although help from MAC students would still be welcome.
  1. Other planned events
Noted that next year the Gibbston Valley Concert (entry gates – contact John H) and Warbirds (merchandise sales – contact Richard W) are events previously agreed/approved.
  1. Additional events
Directors noted that the committee does not intend to introduce or actively seek any more major events before July next year although minor activity e.g. New World barbecues have not been ruled out.
  1. Winter Crop wrap-up
George Scott reports that the last of the invoices for the Winter Feed Competition have been issued and the final income should be available next month.
Service Projects: Graeme Smart deputising for John Milburn
  1. Community Short Project:  The committee fully endorses Rosie Burridge’s idea that sometimes as an alternative to a regular meeting, we do a short community job, then retire to a local venue for food & drinks.
  2. Application from Te Kakano  Aotearoa Trust:
    For $4000 out of a total of $71,000 for development ( stage 2 ) of their community based native plant nursery. Have received $20,000 from the Sargood Bequest and have $7,700 of their own reserves. The committee considers this organisation does a wonderful job and is happy to recommend a grant of $4000. It is noted that while the Trust has also applied to Aspiring Rotary for $4000, but it is too late for a District Grant application.
  3. Application on behalf of dancer Priya White (12).
    Priya is a talented young ballet dancer and this application (by her Mum ) is for a contribution towards dance workshops , competition fees or the NZ School of Dance Associate Program (pending a successful audition in September) .
    Her mother says " Priya is well aware that we cannot afford to keep covering these costs ($4800 to date) and fundraises herself to contribute - $600 so far from making and selling body scrub , dog walking , gardening for a neighbour and a paper round . "
    The committee, recommended a grant of $500 believing we need to support potential rising stars.
  4. Blennerhasset  Lookout Project:
    There has been a continuing problem in getting a tradesman to build the curved schist wall specified . Dir. John has been liaising with one Joel Dean who is looking very positive.
  5. Hawea Playgroup:
    Nicola Brown has amended our District Grant application for a matching donation from $500 to $1500.
Youth and Vocation: Colin Sharp
  1. Kahu Youth – scholarship is being advertised on Kahu Youth website.  Applications close 30th September.  Directors noted that Trustees of the RCW Charitable Trust are yet to approve the funding of this initiative, and that an alternate funding source should be considered in case the need arises.
  2. RYLA: details have been advised to the committee via email and awaiting some ideas on finding nominees.  It was suggested employers of previous attendees be approached, also the local Chamber of Commerce/Ignite.
Club Membership: Mike Elliot
  1. The resignations of Derek Valentine and Bruce Steenson were accepted. 
  2. Directors noted the need for new members to be looked after better – proper mentoring after they join to make sure that they get the best out of being a member.
  3. We still need to get new members in the younger and female demographic, as the general make-up of the Rotary Club of Wanaka is out of kilter just now.
  4. Chris W has talked about getting younger people involved in Rotary projects e.g. Tititea, without necessarily trying to take them on as members – just giving them a taste of what Rotary is about, and possibly getting them as members in future years, as their family and work commitments allow.
Social Activities: Chris Wright
Chris thanked fellow Directors and their committees for their extensive feedback on possible social activities. These will be considered by the Social Activities Committee the next time they meet.
General Business:
  1. Tech for the non-technical.  Mike Elliot was asked to check with local police on the wisdom of organising a drop-in/workshop to help citizens pair their Bluetooth phones with their cars – to avoid current illegal use.
Next Meeting: - 20th September 2021 (generally the 3rd Monday of the month)
Finally a Note from Alan Richardson: For bulletin maybe the fact that we sponsored a young lady for this programme 
Kia ora 

IYM Residential 2021 was an inspiring success for the 40 young women who attended from the Wellington Region. IYM is only made possible by the people in our tribe and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Firstly, to the teachers who encouraged students to apply for the programme, Recognising a young person's potential and showcasing an opportunity to them, like IYM, has changed many lives! Thank you.

We had a dedicated team of volunteers and around 100 staff from 25 STEMM organisations who generously gave their time and knowledge to the programme – thank you, you were all awesome.

And to our generous sponsors - your generosity made it possible for our students to attend. Without your commitment and understanding of the benefits a programme like IYM can offer young women, and ultimately the STEMM sector, this life-changing experience would not have been possible. THANK YOU.

“I’ve been reflecting on all the different things I enjoyed and the experiences that really challenged me during the programme. I met some really interesting people that I want to stay in touch with and a lot of industry leaders who are really inspiring. I gained real insight into how technical disciplines contribute to the world around us and to business in ways that hadn’t occurred to me before. There’s really nothing else around that could provide this – and on steroids! I want to convey to you how grateful I am. When I applied to partake in IYM it looked like an interesting and fun time. It was, but it was so much more than that as well. We got exposed to some terrific organizations and different people. I now have a better idea of how I can apply my love of technical disciplines in ways that can be good for society and be personally rewarding at the same time.”

Veronica Cox, Year 12, Kāpiti College. Sponsored by Graham Shaw.



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Meeting Etiquette.
  •  Check if you have a duty to do, and if you are unable to do your duty it is your duty to find someone else to do it for you and to inform the President  of any changes.
  • Please when going to get your meal please be aware that there are people behind you and if you take a very large helping others may miss out. It may be you who misses out next week. 
  • At the end of meeting please help the staff at the Wanaka District Club by returning glasses to the bar and plates to the kitchen. Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Inform the President   prior to the meeting if you wish to address the meeting or if you wish to leave early.