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Living in two different Countries New Member Profile
Feb 08, 2022
Feb 22, 2022
Breen Construction Company
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Latin Link Adventure Ltd
Presidents Report  August 9th 2021
Well, another fortnight gone and yes this time I have been skiing, and it was brilliant as I spent time with my Brother whom I hadn’t seen since before COVID.
We had a great meeting on Tuesday, our last at WDC. A great speaker, meal & fellowship. Thank you WDC for the last couple of years.
Our next meeting (17th August) will be at Edgewater and I for one am looking forward to seeing what they are going to offer
This photograph is of Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland. Gordon is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2023-24. Congratulations Gordon.
I hope you’re all making time to attend committee meetings and come up with ideas for the year ahead. I know Chris and his team are working on some things that I’m sure we’ll all enjoy.
Take care and remember Tuesday 10th August is “No meeting second Tuesday”
Gordon R. McInally of Scotland selected to be 2023-24 Rotary International President
By Ryan Hyland
Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2023-24.
Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2023-24. He will be declared the president-nominee on 1 October if no challenging candidates have been suggested.
McInally lauded Rotary’s ability to adapt technologically during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the approach should continue and be combined with the best of our past practices as Rotary seeks to grow and increase engagement.
“We have learned there is a willingness within communities to care for one another,” he says, “and we must ensure that we encourage people who have recently embraced the concept of volunteering to join us to allow them to continue giving service.”
McInally says that senior leaders’ ability to communicate directly with club members online will be one positive legacy of the changes Rotary has had to make. But, he adds, “face-to-face meetings remain important, as they encourage greater interaction.”
The best way to increase membership is engagement, according to McInally. To better support clubs, he says, Rotary International, regional leaders, and district teams all need to engage with them. Engagement through social media will reinforce Rotary’s brand and showcase the opportunities that come with it. And, he says, engagement with governments, corporations, and other organizations will lead to meaningful partnerships.
With better engagement, McInally says, “We will grow Rotary both by way of membership and in our ability to provide meaningful service.”
He adds, “Membership is the lifeblood of our organization. I would encourage the use of the flexibility now available to establish new-style clubs that would appeal to a different demographic.”
McInally, a graduate of dental surgery at the University of Dundee, owned and operated his own dental practice in Edinburgh. He was the chair of the British Paedodontic Society and has held various academic positions. He has also served as a Presbytery elder, chair of Queensferry Parish Congregational Board, and commissioner to the church’s general assembly.
A Rotary member since 1984, McInally has been president and vice president of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. He has also served Rotary International as a director and as member or chair of several committees. He is currently an adviser to the 2022 Houston Convention Committee and vice chair of the Operations Review Committee.
McInally and his wife, Heather, are Major Donors and Benefactors of The Rotary Foundation. They are also members of the Bequest Society.
Rotary Exchange October/November - February/March
Pat Heffernan has been in touch with his old Club in Wellington, and they are keen to set up an exchange with our Club here in Wanaka.
The logistics have still to be worked through, but possibly they will come down to Wanaka about October/November, with us going up to Wellington in February/March.
At this stage we would like an idea of interest from our members - both to host the Wellingtonians (possibly 20 or so), and then for going to Wellington sometime after New Year.
Please get back to myself and Pat ( to let us know your availability to host, and also to travel North.
It is only an indication at this point, and we will keep you informed of developments.
New Rotarian Applicants
The Rotary Club of Wanaka has received applications for membership from Julian Warren and Anne Lindsay.
If anyone has any concerns about these two candidates, can they please notify President Rich Wallace, otherwise they will be inducted to the Rotary Club of Wanaka at a meeting, date to be confirmed, in August
Zoe Ayers has received her chair
An application to help fund the purchase of a specialist chair was received by The Rotary Club of Wanaka, from the Mother of Zoe Ayers, who has Rett Syndrome. Zoe does not have functional hand use and is unable to feed herself.  She is unable to control her movements and needs specialist supportive seating. The chair will help Zoe with her feeding, her communication, and prevent scoliosis.  She will be able to use the chair identified from now until she is 8. Total cost of the chair is $10,235.00. Directors noted that the Upper Clutha Medical Trust has also given $3000 towards the purchase of this chair. The Directors recommended that the Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust donate $3000 to help purchase the specialist chair for Zoe Ayers, which was duly approved by the Trustees, and the chair was purchased.
The picture of Zoe in her chair says it all – what a happy little girl!!
The Rotary Club of Wanaka members should take a lot of pride in being able to help families in our community like this.
Guest Speaker Hamish Acland – Mons Royale
Tuesday 27 July, we had the pleasure of being address by Hamish Acland, co-founder in conjunction with his wife Hannah of Mons Royale.
Hamish, a member of the Acland Family from Mt Peel Station, Canterbury, who having spent 10 years on the World pro-skiing circuit, after much thought and consideration at high altitude decided in conjunction with his wife Hannah in 2009 to launch Mons Royale, based in Wanaka, effectively in direct competition with established players including Ice Breaker, Calida, Kathmandu, Patagonia amongst others.  
Both Hamish and Hannah farming roots and affinity for Merino wool and the mountains in which it is grown, plus their skiing and design background, led to the development of the Mons Royale action clothing brand, manufactured in China but marketed world-wide through offices in Wanaka, Innsbruck and Vancouver that employ 40 staff, their products stocked in over 500 global outlets.  
Listening to Hamish the reality this all happened in Wanaka, thousands of miles away from their World/European fan base and markets, was amazing if not humbling, going to prove yet once again Kiwis can fly.
Ken Goldfinch            
Hamish Acland receiving the traditional Speakers bottle of wine from Ken Goldfinch
Hannah Walker: Wanaka Rotary Member Presentation
On Tuesday 3 August being the last meeting of Wanaka Rotary Club at the Wanaka Districts Club, what better way to end by having a very entertaining speaker from one of our younger members, Hannah Walker.
Deserving a Gold Medal for being a mother bringing up two young boys and running a Real Estate company in a very competitive industry with over 30 agents reporting to her, Hannah walked us through her life to date cumulating in returning to Wanaka to run “Proppy Real Estate” from the “best place in the world”.
Born and bred in Timaru her early life was dominated by sport (tennis) and family holidays in Wanaka.
After gaining a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Bachelor of Physical Education from Otago University Hannah fulfilled her other passion, travelling. After working in Sydney she then moved to London and after 8.5 years wining and dining on the companies credit card and turning down the advances of an English gentleman Hannah returned to NZ to start the next phase of her life.
Upon her return Hannah fell in love with “on line”, meeting her husband, Tyson, on an online dating app and after many attempts to get onto the property market in Auckland conceived both her first son and an online real estate company was born
Hannah also described how difficult, challenging and rewarding being a Mum in business was, but with determination and drive success can be achieved.
Her roles in life can be described as a decathlon, being a mum, entrepreneur, business owner, friend, teacher, nurse, referee, IT professional, wife, chauffeur, cleaner and laundry maid and based on success to date a gold medal performance.
Hannah's talk was very enlightening and encourage fellow Rotarians to visit the Wanaka Apps Blog “How many hats can one wear” to understand her values in life, what motivates her and about
Mark Pittaway
Hannah's Presentation

Dr Stefan Billing - Guest Speaker August 17th 2021
At our first meeting at Edgewater, Rotarians were entertained by an engaging presentation by Dr Stefan Billing on the Brain and specifically Brain health.
Specifically, Stefan highlighted old adage that we "are what we eat". He emphasized that there are over 50  foods and ingredients that can adversely affect our gut and leak into our circulatory systems. This can cause a corresponding  inflammatory immune response which then affects brain tissue. 
Stefan went op to highlight other modern societal influences that affect our sleep and brain function including social media influences, the preponderance of click bait bad news stories on Main Stream Media  and using blue screen devices right up to bedtime.
Other take-outs included;
  • We should eat our dark leafy greens raw - cooking denatures the active vitamins etc. ( but seriously -Kale?)
  • Gluten can be a problem for all, not just people who suffer intolerance.
  • We should ensure we get Vitamin D, especially from sunshine.  This is an issue with high SPF sunscreens.
  • Alcohol prior to retiring negatively affects REM sleep, the time the brain does its housekeeping. This includes "a wee dram."
           Wayne Morgan introducing Dr Billing                                                 Mark Pittaway thanking our Guest Speaker
Bio for Rhys Boswell   Guest Speaker August 24th 2021
On Airport update
Minutes of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Directors Meeting, July 19th 2021, at 7.00pm
Matters Arising from last meeting’s minutes (not covered elsewhere):
  • Response to committee suggestions re:reinstating 3-minute talks is needed - President Richard says ‘yes’.
  • Clarity needed on the 2-year FFL trailer expenses.  Ex Club or Trust funds?  - Probably Trust funds
  • Carried over - Treasurer & Geoff Tomkins recommendations/comments re Club paying minor amounts.
Correspondence Inwards:
  • D9980 – Paul Checketts, District Treasurer – links to insurance cover details and available social media funding.
  • Grandview (ex-Probus) Club – David Leslie – asking that funds held be kept until used for upcoming meeting.
  • Mt Aspiring Lodge Management Committee – Todd Adams – thanks for work at Tititea over last 12 months.
  • Food for Love – Suzanne Jackson – FFL’s May 2021 monthly newsletter – Rotary is mentioned/thanked.
  • MAC – Joanne Cooper - application for top-up of uniform fund.
  • RYDA – Naomh Cusin – regular report on recent driver training delivered and what is coming up in 2021/22.
  • Ruby Island Management Committee – Michele Lacroix, Chair – withdrawing funding application (BBQ & Book)
  • RNZWCS – receipt for $8000 donation to RNZ’s Pacific focused Centennial Project – Give Every Child a Future.
  • RNZWCS – receipt for $2000 donation for ERKs.
Correspondence Outwards:
  • D9980 – Joan Kiernan – application for Matching Grant in 2021/22 (Coastguard Wanaka landscaping). (Nicola)
  • D9980 – Derek King, District Chair Club Development and Membership – seeking help with member sign-ups.
  • Gibbston Valley Concert organisers – Amanda Calvert – contract for services at the 2022 concert. (John H)
  • Mt Aspiring Lodge Mgmt Committee – confirming willingness to continue with annual clean-up etc. (John M)
  • Rotary Down Under – update of RCW subscriber list.
Treasurers Report (revised): Rod Pemberton
Club Account Balance as at 15th July 2021:            $66,436.15         (8th June 2021 it was $22,397.88)
Trust Account Balance as at 15th July 2021:          $51,201.50         (8th June 2021 it was $52,963.79)
  1. Recommend the payments below be ratified/approved:
$ 2820.00Hawea Hotel Change-over night
$ 150.00Ritchie Buses Change-over night.
$ 340.40 G Scott Expenses Winter Feed Competition
$ 147.15 Print it Advertising Auction Winter Feed Comp
$ 75.00RC of Cromwell Speech contest prizes
$ 92.59 Challenge Marketing Name badges
$ 522.45 Print it Directory.
  1. Trust matters for noting:
  1. Net amounts in club account that belong to Charitable Trust Acct:
  • Quiz night $4221.65 ( also $5644 in CT account )
  • Winter Feed Competition $49,690.29 (also $2120 in CT account). 
  1. Nett position of Club Acct with unpresented payments to Trust’s Acct accounted for = $11,851.76
  1. Other:
Subs Last year subs were $240 reduced to $220 if paid by 31st October.  Assuming everyone pays by due date ie 31st October and we call EFT-POS charges, which at this stage are included, a community good service, we have a surplus of $7.07 per member.
1) Duties reminder - One week prior to the new month Catherine will ring each person who has been appointed a duty on meeting nights as a reminder and clarification of the role.
The Meet and Great person is to take photos of guest speaker(s), and send to Bulletin Editor, Ron Horner.
2) History of the Club
Directors discussed re-establishing an Historian for the club. Agreed to check with Ian Haynes, Ian Shore and Fran who have a lot of knowledge re history and its storage. The eventual appointee needs to establish what should be kept, e.g. do we need every month’s Directors’ minutes, President’s End of Year reports etc.?
3) New Members to be welcome to observe at a Director’s meeting and to attend as a deputy if their Committee’s director or deputy director is unable to attend - should help new members understand the process of the Rotary Club.Noted that Club Runner also contains a huge amount of Rotary information.
4) Venue
In light of some dissatisfaction with the current regular meeting venue and food, approaches have been made to several other possible venues.
It was agreed that before any moves were made, members would be surveyed regarding venue preferences and price sensitivity regarding meals.
PR and Media Report: Tony O’Regan
  • Press release sent out after the recent Crop Competition and will be after the Book Sale.
  • Historically we have had a monthly Messenger advertisement at no charge.  Tried to reinstate but declined.
Foundation: Nicola Brown
  1. Timeline of Foundation events for each year:
- Movie Night: October each year – proceeds to Polio
- Christmas Auction – proceeds to Rotary Foundation
- Quiz Night: May each year – proceeds to be decided; to look at Pacific Projects
  1. Plan to email all members information on potential overseas projects, to decide if there are any we would like to support as a club: see Rotary New Zealand World Community Service or click on link
  1. Other Commitments:
    • Shelter Box – to display this more often. Will set the Shelter Box up at the Book Sale.
    • ERK (Emergency Response Kits) – Have a goal of buying 3 this year; same as in recent years.
  1. Rotary Foundation and District Grants
- Applied for a District Grant for the Marine Rescue Centre - $2,000 and Hawea Play Group - $500.
Fundraising: Geoffrey Tomkins
  1. Book Sale LWC (16th – 18th July)
  • The July Book Sale has attracted good support from Rotary volunteers and others.  Some younger MAC students want to help; it was agreed that this was acceptable and would be encouraged. Book sorting and collection went well.  Note need consistency in ‘opening’ times advertising.
  • Provisionally, $15474 revenue and ~$1000 of costs.
  1. Duck Race 2021
Noted that Duck race organisation will commence about 2 -3 weeks after the Book Sale. Committee members have agreed to “own” the race and organise various aspects of the preparations, roles yet to be agreed.
  1. New Year Limited Booksale
It was agreed to have a New Year ‘Limited Book Sale’, along the format of this year’s successful sale. The fundraising committee supported the view that a dedicated cause and assistance from the recipients was a good idea. It takes the pressure off Rotarians at a busy time of year and provides a focus for the community to support a local cause while also advertising Rotary. The local Athletics club, MAC or other schools are possible beneficiary organisations; no recommendation was made on who should be the recipient.
  1. Other planned events
Noted that next year the Gibbston Valley concert and Warbirds are events previously earmarked for fundraising activity.  President Richard noted that he was liaising with Ed Leary re Warbirds opportunities.
Service Projects: John Milburn
  1. Eely Point Bike Track – Another site clearing working bee tentatively scheduled for August.  Diana Manson of QLDC to advise.
  1. Application For Funding From Ruby Island Amenities Society - NEW BBQ FOR RUBY ISLAND
Application withdrawn - QLDC have agreed to fully fund this including ongoing maintenance.
  1. Waterfall Creek (Blennerhasset Lookout Project) Picnic Table
Still “on the books” but proving impossible to get a contractor for the schist wall.!
  1. Application from Coastguard Wanaka
    Nicola McGregor and the S/P Director have lodged a District 9980 Grant application for $2000 to supplement our $5000 donation focused on assisting with landscaping for their new building.
  1. Tititea Working Bee:
Weekend of 9/10 October.Jarrod Fraser coordinating.Dates should go in bulletin.
  1. Holy Family School:
Application received for $6000 to help fund specialist assistance for 4 of the school’s highest neuro-diverse learners to enable them to make the most of the schools evidence based structured literacy programme.Committee recommends this application be declined as it is considered this funding should be provided by the Dept of Education as there is an ongoing need for this assistance.
  1. Mt Aspiring College:
Application for $5000 for Stage 2 of the New School Uniform Hardship Support for Families.
It is noted in this application that Wanaka Rotary contributed $7000 to this project.The majority of the Committee recommended that this application be declined but with the proviso that if the school ran a uniform exchange programme (Sec. note: they do, but little coming available in near future) they may be more favourable to a donation - not necessarily to the level applied for.Directors agreed to recommend further funding from RCWCT of $3000 and to pursue a District Matching Grant of $2000 to achieve the $5000 request.
  1. Hawea Play Group:
Application for $4300 for the design of a new outdoor playing area (playscape). This design into be carried out by Childspace Early Childhood Institute of Wellington who have designed many similar playscapes including Aspiring Daycare in Wanaka.The Committee was supportive of this application and recommended a donation of $1500.Directors agreed to pursue a District Matching Grant of $500 to supplement RCW funding.
  1. Youthline:
Annual Appeal during “July” to support young people during the winter months which can be a tough time with much reaching out for help with mental heath issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm”.It is considered that the best way Wanaka Rotary can assist this very worthy organisation is via a donation and accordingly $1000 was recommended by the S/P Committee.
Moved:         John Milburn
Seconded:   Nicola Brown
  1. That Directors recommend to the Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust that a donation of $3000 be made to the Mt Aspiring College’s New Uniform Fund. (Note application for D9980 Matching Grant)
  2. That Directors recommend to the Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust that a donation of $1500 be made to the Hawea Playgroup. (Note application for D9980 Matching Grant)
  3. That Directors recommend to the Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust that a donation of $1000 be made to Youthline.
  4. That the club covers the cost (meals etc.) of non-Rotarian professional helpers at the Tititea Working Bee.
Youth and Vocation: Colin Sharp
  1. Kahu Youth – scholarship proposal.  Past Director Dave circulated an updated proposal (following feedback from the Club’s Directors).  The document has been appraised by PDG on Irvine and subject to a final post ‘proof-read edit’ is ready to be implemented.  It was agreed Mike Elliot, Colin Sharp and possibly Dave Evans would meet with Samantha from Kahu Youth to amend the document and initiate the initiative.
Note: Directors were informed that Richard Elvey was leaving his Kahu Youth role of Manager/Youth Worker.
Moved:         Colin Sharp
Seconded:   John Milburn
  1. That Directors recommend the Trustees of the Rotary Club of Wanaka Charitable Trust, commit to funding, for at least three years, a Kahu Youth managed scholarship, as described in their updated proposal document received from Samantha Strong on July 9th 2021 (to be further amended with input from Dave Evans, Mike Elliot and Colin Sharp). (Note: a sum of $1500 to be awarded annually)
Club Membership: Mike Elliot
Committee agreed, via an email dialogue, to target younger people with an emphasis on getting a better gender and age ratio in the club.  The committee invites comments and suggestions from fellow directors.
Chris Wright shared his belief that there are many younger people in the community that would like to help out with service projects and may enjoy having a beer afterwards.  We could cater for this through a ‘Friends of Rotary’ and as a way to feed people into the club.  Further, Chris suggested we should be asking the general public for help with working bees and / or fundraising events and then using the social time after to introduce them to Rotary in the near or distant future?
On another topic, Chris noted that a number of members have approached him (being a new and ‘isolated’ father) and suggested that wouldn’t it be great if younger families knew that there is a group of willing and able surrogate grand-parents keen to be of service to young parents.  There may be some recompense for help provided, but ideally this might be through in-kind help with Rotary projects and commitments.
Social Activities: Chris Wright
List of initial thoughts for upcoming activities:
  • Rugby AB’s Dunedin 25th Sept … booking made at Urban Grind for live coverage function.
  • Melbourne Cup … Sweepstake 5:00pm Tuesday 2nd November - possibly Ramada Resort Wyndham Wanaka
  • Annual Fishing expedition to Makarora - 2 nights about 22/23rd November … about 5 boats 20 people
  • Christmas Party (more thought required) … early Dec
  • Interspersed Friday home hosting function (bring a bottle/plate)
  • New Year Golf Tournament …. Ambrose format, very casual , all manner of entrants
  • Te Anau combined Rotary Clubs…golf, biking, Car Rally weekend
  • Progressive or home hosting dinners
  • Curling, either an evening trip to Alexandra or overnight at Nasby.
General Business:
  1. Discussion point.  Should we employ a professional fundraiser? – having noted current member skills and institutional knowledge, agreed to park, not forget, the idea.  Also, to research whether such an approach is working for any other Rotary Clubs.
  1. Husband/Wife membership; agreed to study further and seek working examples from other Rotary Clubs.
  1. Gifts (pens) for speakers.  It was agreed the occasional practice of giving pens should be abandoned.
Next Meeting: - 16th August 2021 (generally the 3rd Monday of the month)
A quick note. For good people wishing to send me Bulletin information, my email address in the latest Directory is missing  a full stop.  It should be
Thanks  Ron


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Don Irvine MJ Moffat Colin Sharp


Doug Lovell Mark Pittaway Ian Shore

Meet & Greet & Photography

David Brewer Noelene Pullar Graeme Smart                                     


Meeting Etiquette.
  •  Check if you have a duty to do, and if you are unable to do your duty it is your duty to find someone else to do it for you and to inform the President  of any changes.
  • Please when going to get your meal please be aware that there are people behind you and if you take a very large helping others may miss out. It may be you who misses out next week. 
  • At the end of meeting please help the staff at the Wanaka District Club by returning glasses to the bar and plates to the kitchen. Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Please stand when being fined or addressing the speaker
  • Inform the President   prior to the meeting if you wish to address the meeting or if you wish to leave early.