Rotary Club of Wanaka president George Scott presents the repeater to LandSAR fundraiser Phil Melchior.
Wanaka LandSAR has taken charge of a new communications repeater funded by the Rotary Club of Wanaka.
The repeater cost $3500 and will enable LandSAR to extend its communication capabilities when on missions. “Communications are vital and this will help with one of our biggest problems,” said LANDSAR fundraising spokesperson Phil Melchior.
The repeater is mobile and can be anchored atop a mountain receiving the signal from the main repeater on Roys Peak and extending it into the valleys where it is located.
Wanaka Rotary Club president George Scott said the club visited LandSAR last year and heard about the need for the equipment, “It seemed like a no-brainer,” said George. “We all live here and like to play here, and the repeater will really help when search and rescue is needed.”
Wanaka LANDSAR receives approximately 50 call outs each year and is serviced by a team of volunteers which relies on community funding to operate.
The Rotary Club of Wanaka raises funds through volunteering activities which include the annual Book Sale, Duck Race, and working at the A&P Show and Warbirds Over Wanaka George said.
PHOTO: Wanaka App, STORY: Tony O'Regan